Property Care

Taking Care When You Are Not There..

Travel without home care worries, property care taker

“We handle everything, routine care, detailed cleaning tasks, maintenance, and emergency’s. We do not outsource our services. My wife and I only, are the house sitters exclusively.

Opening the home to prepare for your return, closing your home as you travel. Our concierge services included; e.g. cleaning, shopping, auto maintenance to mention a few.

We keep clients informed, this is how we provide a high level of customer satisfaction.

We are big fans of technology, to help us manage all areas of a home. Wireless temperature-sensor freeze alarms, and more, all by controlling through technology apps. Weekly inspections for peace of mind. Weekly inspection reports, oversee projects, and more. Image and Video documentation provided for all subjects including insurance liabilities. “It’s a personal relationship for us and for our clients, a trustworthiness.

Our fees are custom to your needs. Our clients enjoy the options, as fees can be as simple as once a month, or more if desired. Monthly fee based is common, calculating the combined services, pre-arrange the number of visits, and other services. Fees are based on location, complexity and size of the property, and services required. Projects going beyond routine inspections, are billed additionally on an hourly basis.

Technology as Caretaker

Today’s property managers rely on a wide range of tools to keep unoccupied houses secure. Here’s a quick list of products that can help protect your house:
Integrated security systems. Sophisticated whole-house systems alert you to fire, smoke, freezing pipes, unscheduled entry, flood conditions, and other hazards. Burglar and fire alarm systems, temperature and flood alarms as well, which provides the insurance company with their requests.

Individual alarm products. These are inexpensive alternatives to whole-house systems. You can purchase independent products including automatic water shut-off valve systems, low-temperature alarms, sump-pump monitoring alarms, and power-failure alerts that trigger a warning to land or cell-phone lines.
Computer and Smartphone applications. You can stay in touch with your house wherever you go via computer or through a wide range of downloadable cell-phone applications. Using your Smartphone, laptop, or desktop computer, you can arm or disarm your security system, set thermostats and lights, watch live video, and receive e-mail or text alerts about temperature changes, water leaks, and much more. If technology is not your favorite skill, no worries this is our expertise!

Things to consider when you leave your home

Questions to ask yourself

What works for my personal home or vacation home

Do you want your home to look occupied while you are gone?

What is your general shutdown procedure for your home?

What’s the most important precaution I can take if I plan to leave my house unoccupied?

Will ice destroy my gutters if they are not cleared?

Is weather a concern for my home, while I am away? Freezing Rains, Flooding, High Winds…
Do you have drainage problems during heavy rains?

What is general upkeep?

Small areas of damage, can they turn into a large problem?
Ignoring paint chipping, means caulking around the window is forgotten, moisture seeps in

Do I need someone on call in the event of a storm?

Do you have standard procedures for closing down your home?

What protections are in place for drainage, ice, high winds? We lock up, latch down, bolt closed every door and window to all buildings.”

Maybe there are other areas of support your home needs we have not mentioned here. Please contact us to learn more, or for us to design something specific to your needs. 


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