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Why work for NQ Property Care?

“NQ” never quit our mantra…

No worries, don’t let this confuse you with our daily work schedule. 🙂  We follow normal work schedules for the most part. This is our mantra, which has pushed us to continue to learn, and to continue to push forward to achieve  what we feel is success. 

We are a new organization in 2020, opening at the beginning of the pandemic. We found ourselves without jobs, when everything shut down. I worked for New Trier Adult Fitness Program, and Carlos was in the restaurant business. In our free time, we were diyer’s  always working on something. Refinishing furniture to updating a vintage home. To open a handyman business seemed like the best choice to move forward and change our destiny. Fast forward to May, 2021, we are turning the page to grow. Business is better every week, and we need help. 

Our goals for NQ Property Care, employ people who want to learn or share their skill, who can see our vision as a small company.  As we grow, it is our full intention to provide our employees with benefits. We believe the only way a company can be successful, is to provide great opportunity for everyone who does their part. 

We will be working with students this summer. Many of you this will be your first job. If you are ready to have a job, you will need to make sure your parents understand the commitment you are about to make is a real job. If you are scheduled to work, you will need to report to work. 

There are a few things we require of you if you work for us.  

  1. Please leave your phone in your car, or in your pocket. Staying off the phone when working is the right thing to do. 
  2. Show up on time for work. If you are late or not coming in, please text or call us. 
  3. Be awake, and be ready to work. 
  4. Always remember, we treat our customers home like they are kings and queens. Our customers and their homes are the most important part of our business We want them to feel special, as they are.   
  5. Be ready to share your ideas for how to do things better
  6. Be ready to think for yourself, don’t look for guidance every minute. We encourage those who are self starters, those who can think ahead to be prepared in any given situation. 

As a new company we are experiencing growing pains. Space is a big issue, as we are still looking to move our business from our home to a commercial property near by. Currently all our equipment is in our garage. This has it’s challenges, so keeping this area neat and organized is extremely important.  

Garage Assistant

4-5 hours per week to start

(we will be flexible with a work schedule, as long as the job gets done in a timely manner) 

Our challenges;

When the truck returns from a jobsite, it is emptied. This equipment needs to be cleaned up, put away, and supplies replenished. 

Help to design a way to organize so we know what we have and where it is. 

Handyman Helper

We truly need experience with this position, however, we are willing to train the right person. More to come on this topic. 

If you are experience as a Handyman, Painter, Landscaper, please follow this link

If you are still interested in working for us, please fill out this form and we will follow up with you.

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