Steam Clean Patio Cushions

Who knew you could steam clean a patio cushion back to new?!

Frankly, I would not have thought it was possible. Dirt, grime, tree sap, mildew, to share what these cushions were facing. I was skeptical myself if these could come clean.

Our client called and asked if we could power wash the patio and the out door furnishings.  We jumped at the chance! Carlos loves the power washer and I am all about my professional grade steamer!

Of course this was a last minute thing, as the client would be entertaining on Saturday. Our call came in on Tuesday! Needless to say, Carlos jumped into the truck and headed over to begin the project. I too stopped by to pick up (25) cushions! Yikes, the pressure was on literally! 

As you can see, there was plenty of mold to behold!







Most of the cushions stains covered over 50% for each. 





I returned to our shop with the cushions to begin the makeover! Step one, commercial grade steamer! As I steamed the cushions they were looking better, however, not as good as I was hoping. With time not on my side, I decided to mix up my secret sauce! Note: Bleach is not my secret sauce, as it would have changed the colors of the cushions, and they would have begun to deteriorate over time. After giving the cushions a good spray, I began the steaming process again. After each was steamed clean, I sat them in the sun to dry.

The process ended up taking a full 3 days which included the dry time. The cushions were returned on Saturday morning ready to make the guest feel comfortable.

Needless to say Carlos had the  entire patio and the furnishings completely clean and looking good on Tuesday!

No signs of mold, dirt, or sap! Looking brand new!


Replacing  these cushions would have cost well over $3000 dollars! Our steam cleaning services were a fraction of the cost included the patio power washing! 

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