Renew Patio Cushions

The pandemic has caused a huge growth for patio furniture sales! Stuck at home, the walls have become small. People escaping to their outside living space to find space. This has caused an increased demand for used patio furnishings, as new furnishings can cost in the thousands of dollars. 

This increased desire to sit on the Veranda, has made people realize their patio sets are showing their age, as many people don’t remember to bring the cushions in during inclement weather, including the constant sunshine beating down. 

All of this has brought the need to replace cushions or figure out how to clean them. There are many ways to clean the cushions, however, the risk is losing the color, as most people run to bleach to clean away mold/mildew. For some the darkness is more intense as tree sap drips onto the cushions, if your patio is surround by trees. SAP + Mildew+ Outside Air Quality turns a cushion into something you do not want touch, yet alone sit on! 


For most they will get out a spray bottle, fill it with bleach and water. This brings a whole new set of problems for those expensive cushions. If you don’t care about the color of your cushions, the bleach will change and lesson the color if not turn them white for a short amount of time. Yes it is a perfect fix, as the white will eventually yellow. A mildew filled patio cushion

This is not the worst, it the fact the material will ultimately crack and tear, as the bleach will ruin it’s fiber over time. You cleaning with bleach will be the quick fix, that will destroy them in the future. 

There are several ways to get the cushions back to almost new. However, there is still the chance the insides/stuffing has already begun to dry rot. This is when you will want to make the decision to pay to clean and make the patio furniture look like new. In most cases you can add 1-2 more seasons to the cushion even if the insides are dry rotted. As long as they feel firm, and there isn’t too much powdery air when someone sits down, use them as long as you can, as they can look new again!

Patio Chair Cushions Renewed

The original images of this patio set, was dark, dirty and full of mildew. This image shows the renewed cushions! These cushions are 10 years old!

Renewed Chair Cushions

Original images show how badly these cushions has become, with a combination of tree sap, mildew, and mold.

Like New Patio Cushions, 10 years old!

You would not have known, the day before this image was taken, these cushions were a mix of black mildew and sticky tree sap. Ready to be thrown away!










For this client there were 25 cushions in desperate need of restoring. 3 days from hosting a back yard event! It was all hands on deck to restore the cushions, while Carlos power washed the patio furnishings,  and the entire blue stone patio.  

Finished, Clean and Ready for the Party!

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