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Nothing feels better then when your home has a fresh new coat of paint! It completely revives the energy your home once had! 

Color Basics in a Nutshell


Light or pale colors can make rooms feel larger. They create a sense of openness – an impression that the space is larger than it actually is. This is one reason why whites are so often used on ceilings: They make the ceiling seem higher.

However, bright whites can also create the illusion that adjacent colors are darker, so they may not always be the best choice for ceilings. Off-whites with a hint of cream, or whites tinted with just a touch of the wall color, may bring more harmony to the room.

Many dark colors – or colors that are deep in tone – can make a room appear smaller, providing an illusion of intimacy or coziness. These kinds of powerful, more intense shades – sometimes called accent colors – create a visual perception that walls and ceilings are closer than they really are. They are ideal for accenting architectural features, such as framing a window. If you have an impressive exterior view, framing the window with a dramatic color will “pull the eye” and help make the view a focal point in the room.

As always, though, there are exceptions to every rule. When dramatic colors are used, contrasting colors can help give definition to a room, especially when the contrasting shades outline molding, window trim or other architectural elements. White always works in this case, but off-white or a contrasting neutral can fit the bill nicely, too. Learn more about colors

As a Contractor, we have a  preferred account with Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore.  This allows us to pass our discount off to our customers.  Sherwin Williams offers a fun new paint tool online so you can paint your room and see how it looks. Or check out the Sherwin Williams Colors of 2020  ,maybe you are ready for 2020 to be over with. Check out Sherwin Williams Colors of 20201!

Learn More about Color

The  Sherwin Williams product line allows us to expand our offering to our clients.  

 Faux finishing, staining decks, sealing walkways, waterproofing driveways and coating concrete are all possibilities.


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