NQ Property Care

Never Quit… for some, the pandemic meant a vacation, time to relax, enjoy your favorite television shows. For others it was a time to figure out how to survive without a job?

This was us, my husband in the local restaurant business, and myself a teacher with New Trier, found our selves without jobs! A first in our lives!

At first we were happily doing our own projects, diy’rs….Decorating, painting, detailing, etc… A passion we share.

During the first month of pandemic shut down, we worked on various projects to stay busy. This is when the bell rang! In our heads not at school! We realized, why don’t we do what we enjoy and turn it into our business!

Thus the beginning of NQ Property Care Inc. NQ “never quit” Beth’s mantra! There are no projects to big or small most of the time. Our combined skills, allows us to offer a huge array of experiences.

We are well known in our community and look forward to helping you with your home and property needs.