New Life Wicker

This post would be so much better if I had remembered to take before pictures. Ugh….

These antique wicker tables were cracking, peeling, and weathered. Our client wanted them to be painted a new color.  Painting with a brush was not going to be a good option, this turned us to the paint booth using our paint spray guns the best option. Using the spray gun, would give the necessary coverage to improve the look of the tables.  I was concerned with the table top, as  the wood was buckled, and cracked. The weather had ruined the top.  Because it was plywood, the wood was layered and rough. When plywood buckles this is not something you just sand and fix. It became obvious the top needed to be replaced or covered.    

First task was to use the  air compressor to remove the  peeled and chipped paint.  Once all the lose paint was removed the tables were cleaned. A braided piece of wicker was  removed and set to the side.  A piece of plywood was measured and cut to add to the top of the worn out table. The wood was glued, then finishing nails were used to complete the attachment of the new top. The nail holes were filled in with wood filling, and the  edges of the new top were sanded to give a smooth edge. The braided finish was reattached to the top edge, which hides the fact a new top was attached. 

Tables were ready for the paint booth. Using a latex semi-gloss paint, the tables were sprayed from top to bottom. Once the tables dried, they were turned upside down and sprayed again. It took 2-coats of paint with an hour of dry time in between coats. Painted Wicker

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