Let’s define Extreme Cleaning

This is not your ordinary house cleaning.  We don’t come into a dirty house and clean it in the same way a house keeper or house cleaning team would clean.

Think of Extreme Cleaning  like you would think of calling a rug cleaner, chimney sweep, or a contractor to fix something.  If you called in a service to clean your rugs, you would not have them pick up the dirty clothes. That would waste time for the rug cleaner, which would cost you more.  Steam cleaning is like getting your teeth cleaned. You will brush your teeth before going to the dentist to get your teeth cleaned. When the dental hygienist begins to clean your teeth, everything gets dirty again. 

Extreme cleaning is a deep steam clean, using 450 degrees of steam, with 121 PSI (pressure per square inch) to remove deeply embedded dirt, grime, & grease. The added benefit of steam cleaning is how it kills  99.9% of all germs. 

Pricing for the Extreme Clean is based upon the time the machine is in use. Therefore it’s best the area to be steam cleaned be vacuumed and wiped down before we arrive. This allows our extreme steam cleaning to be focused on the main purpose of our goal. 


  1. Please vacuum the entire space. 
  2. Wipe down toilet to the base., removing all hair and surrounding debri. 


  1. Vacuum window seals
  2. Interior Window, a quick wipe removes surface dirt, helps us to see the deep glaze attached to the window. 
  3. Exterior, it is helpful to make sure you have removed tree limbs, cob webs and debri keeping us from steam cleaning when we arrive. 


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