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As DIY’ers, we enjoyed refinishing vintage furniture. We love going to auctions, always on the hunt to find heirloom furnishings. It’s the best furniture! Nothing made today compares to the beautifully finished pieces from the late 1800’s to the early 1900’s.

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Unfortunately these items get looked over because they are usually finished in an old dark look. They might be scratched, and might have a foul odor, which cause everyone to look else where. 

Times are different and so are the finish choices of wood furniture. Hundreds of dollars can be saved by purchasing second hand heirloom furniture for pennies on the dollar.  If you don’t like it, and you are not a DIY’er, hire a local furniture refinisher to bring your furniture back to life.  Most often you will still have money left in your pocket for your decorations. 

We enjoy painting, always painting our own home interior and exterior, learning many techniques.  When we opened NQ Property Care, we met  with Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore. This helped us to learn more about each manufacturer’s product and offerings. Both in their own right provide a great product. As a company working with  Sherwin Williams helps us to increase our knowledge as they provide certifications in this industry. We have found there educational tools to be a key part to our new level of expertise.

While working with our clients, we want them to know we are invested in their project. We look at the project as if it was our personal project. We don’t claim to be the best at painting, how ever we are good at  what we do.  If there is a project we feel we are not suited for, we will be open and honest. This is when we may connect you with another business or individual we have chosen to partner with. We recognize other’s strengths and welcome them into a project we feel will give our clients 100% satisfaction.   

Our goal is build a trusting long term relationship with our customers. It’s more important to be focused on our client’s and their needs then to grow and lose our personal touch. 

Why chose us to paint your home?

Why are we the best choice? 

  • We are here to stay, living and running our business in your local  community, always ready to  discuss your home painting needs, before and after the project
  • You will  know who is in and around your home when  NQ Property Care is hired for your project 
  • We chose to work with the best paint vendors, providing our clients the best paint for their home investment
  •  Together we offer over 30 years  experience of high level customer care and satisfaction.  Face to face customer interaction is the secret to our success. Offering on-going support  before and after the project. 
  • Our professionalism will show through from start to finish. We will respect your property, wear shoe covers in your home to protect your floors. Manage our equipment to ensure your property is left in the same condition as when we arrived. We will leave job site clean, most often cleaner then when we began the project. 

We choose to work with paint vendors who stand behind their product. This is why we can offer a 5-year conditional workmanship warranty along with our high quality work. If for some reason you are not happy with our work, we will schedule a time an attempt to correct. If this is a problem with the product/paint, we will advocate for you with the vendor to resolve and rectify the situation.

When we complete a job, we  will leave your home cleaner then when we arrived. If you notice any areas needing a touch up, please let us know. Due to the light changing through out the day, there are times we don’t see the areas that may need more paint. Shadows sometimes show up more when paint is dry. We are always prepared to return for touch-ups if necessary.  We ask our customers to take a piece of tape and mark the areas they feel need more paint. So far this has not happened for us, our customers have all been highly satisfied and we have not missed a spot! 

We want our clients to trust we will provide a quality, high level of service no matter what the project. 


Carlos & Beth Klobuchar-Mendez


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