Faux Walls

Faux Walls is an easy low cost option to give your room a great look!

We enjoy working with ROYAL DESIGN STUDIO Stencils.  The faux Brick Wall pictured was made from scratch and a couple of tools. NOTE: This is a permanent look, unless you were to change the drywall and start fresh. The decision to give the brick look, was a better look than old cracked vintage wall. To view the stages of the faux brick wall follow here. 

If stencils are used to accomplish the brick wall look, this is not permanent, or a mural. Royal Designs Brick Stencils 

When working with stencils, I prefer to use a stencil gel for my paint. Using stencil gel helped me to be able to give the project the old look. If I needed to have a bolder look, I could work with any paints or stains. 



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