Extreme Clean Your Home, Move in, Move Out

Our clients want their new home CLEAN!

Moving in, or moving out, no one wants to move into a dirty home, or leave a home dirty.  Extreme Clean isn’t your typical, dust, mop, vacuum kinda cleaning team. Nothing against the day to day cleaners, thank God for them.  

Extreme Clean begins with Steam Cleaning every room, top to bottom and everything in between. Years of dirt and dust collect in all the nooks and cracks. We bring grout back to life, while we remove years of wax build up on built in’s or cabinets. Window casings, and windows, interior/exterior look new again!     

 Steam Cleaned Windows

After the steam clean, each room is hand washed TOP DOWN CLEANING we call it. Corner Cob Webs,  Lighting, Ceiling Fans, Switches, Doors, Trim, Closets, and Flooring. The products we use promote healthy surfaces. Of course Steam Cleaning gives you 400° of germ killing power! We don’t need bleach or any other chemicals to kill germs.

We us products to promote a healthy surface. Marble needs to be conditioned, same as Quartz and other counter products. Special Cleaners for each style of flooring product. Surfaces which are suppose to shine will shine again!

Counter Tile Grout




Musty basement smell? OZone treatments are the answer!     

Yes we remove musty stinky odors by neutralizing the oxygen back to CO2! It is a SCIENTIFIC FACT! 





Looking for Move In project Management?

Yep we do that too! Coordinate contractors, designers, meet with vendors, what ever it takes! Eazy-Peazy!   

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